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Siannan's Verbiage Oubliette, Est. 2001 for Expatriated Zulus in good standing

The journaling equivalent of rubber cement boogers

Expatriated Zulu and Charming Negress
18 February 1972
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I am doofey.

"Everything is shit. The word 'art' must be redefined.

This is the age where everyone creates..."

--Patti Smith

Being here was not my idea. Nor, apparently, was it the intention of my parental units.I will not have sex with you. I'm too busy fucking shit up and being creative.
Business is good.. My personal ambition is to become either the laziest or fattest woman in the world, preferably both. I plan on living long enough to piss everyone off. Everything changes.

This is my journal.
If you think I'm not playing fair, remember that I wrote the rules. If you think I'm being mean, you have no
I don't care if you add me as a friend. I will add you back WHEN and IF I FUCKING FEEL LIKE IT. NOT BEFORE. I'm not going to throw a shitfit if you add me, so
relax. Not all of my friends have to be friends with each other. Don't expect me to take sides. Piss on your own trees.

According to reputable sources, Siannan is:

"a hater." --techieguru "the lynchpin of western civilization. Without her, it all comes crashing down." --bluesmojo"the best knitter of stuff EVAR" --morganastar"an auntie adamantly averse to anti-rights mongers and assorted reprobates and avenges an aggregation of ardent admirers accordingly" --voodoukween
"probably not a cannibal." --mojo_iv"knows that all your base are belong to her." --finding_rowan"the best thing since the discovery of pickling." --cantstopthedawn"like a cool October breeze that wakes you up as you lie in what you hope is your drunken vomit." --drownedinink
"what my parents warned me about when i was born a hermaphrodite boy 27 years ago and siannan is teh sex." --ladyartemisa"everyone's favourite auntie... or at least MY favourite auntie. Everyone else can fuck themselves. I love her. She is mine." --strages"that one asteroid planet that they're not sure belongs to the solar system." --kreie"a vastly superior being posessing visceral wits and a healthy sense of egomania." --weev
"the human equivalent of a venus fly trap. Only Siannan is a kitting human venus fly trap. If you're her friend, she might knit something for you. If you're her enemy, she might snap you up in her sticky green jaws and eat you alive! Beware of the wrath of Siannan!" --erinbish"the woman who, when the nuclear apocalypse comes, will eat your children before bothering to check if the food supply has run out." --tonapah"willing to act on her convictions, and also willing to commit art in a good cause." --gurdonark"a Dennis Miller kind of entertaining. A funny, relevant stabbing reality check kind of entertaining that delivers the truth in a palatable, yet untainted way. You're the kind of entertaining where I support you, even if I don't understand some of the words that you've used, because you sound intelligent and witty." --quantumbitch

 Buy me stuff here. It makes me happy.
You like when I'm happy.

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